22 072018

Top 5 upgrades for happy living today and happy selling tomorrow

We are asked, on the regular, which home renovations yield the best return. While our initial response is to make upgrades that will enrich your life while you live there, we then share our Top 5 list – hoping a bit of overlap occurs in there somewhere: Kitchen Often considered the “heart” of the home, the kitchen

19 072018

Have you seen this year’s Best of Broadway series? What a lineup!

The North Charleston Performing Arts Center is going BIG for its 20th anniversary season - series tickets on sale now! https://www.northcharlestoncoliseumpac.com/events/detail/best-of-broadway-presented-by-planet-fitness-2018-2019-season

19 072018

Food trucks are rolling up all over Daniel Island.

Check the DI POA website, the Food Trucks on Daniel Island Facebook page, or just follow your nose. https://danielisland.com/event/food-truck-fridays-4/

14 072018

Charleston is #1 U.S. city 6 years running – and we totally agree, but…

Superlatives are funny things. They suggest that the entire population of a thing has been observed, experienced, or otherwise vetted by a cadre of judges best suited to render a ranking. Consider this in practice. Does each member of the authoritative panel attend every U.S. college? Or lay eyes on every beautiful person on the planet?

27 062018

Growing do-gooders on Daniel Island

We just love this Young Philanthropists contest, sponsored by the DI Community Foundation. https://danielisland.com/community/announcements/di-summer-young-philanthropists/

27 062018

Yearning for regional pizza (from, um, other regions)?

We have little to complain about, gastronomically speaking, here in Charleston. But sometimes you need that pizza from up north. We got you. New York: Orlando's on Daniel Island. Chicago: Famulari's in West Ashley, Goose Creek, and Summerville. Detroit: The 450 Pizza Joint on Sullivan's Island.

26 062018

A birthday so nice, we celebrate it twice.

Like fireworks exploding in a sparkling spectrum, we are bursting with love for America. So how can we possibly be expected to contain our celebration of her to one day? Answers the Daniel Island Community: “We can’t.” Oh, we’ll be sure to observe the 4th of July, our nation’s official date of birth. But in

18 062018

Does spring-to-summer selling bear more fruit?

Some folks say if you want to understand the importance of timing, consider the avocado. Unripe for days, perfect for a few hours, forevermore spoiled. Fair enough. Then again, consider the banana. Sure, there is an ideal time to consume them in their basic, most portable condition. But green, firm bananas make great fritters. And

31 052018

We’re not helping you buy a mutual fund. We’re helping you find a home.

We don’t blame you, really. In a real estate market as searing as Charleston’s, it’s hard to not regard the purchase of a home as a sensible investment. But we want your home to be a nest, not a nest egg. You can’t hunker down in bonds, or cozy up to Bitcoin. You’re not creating

31 052018

We are proud sponsors, and can’t wait to see the new way these little guys swim this year!

New venue, new power behind that paddle. There's still time to adopt your duck, then make plans to watch him race toward the finish line at this favorite family fun day. You just might win some cash, and you'll definitely do some good. http://www.charlestonduckrace.com