30 052018

No need to haul your massive cooler to The Lone Bellow-headlined Spoleto finale.

  For about 10 seconds, we were bummed to learn the Spoleto Festival's famed finale concert would not be back at Middleton Place. That's how long it took to find out it was at one of our other favorite Charleston venues: The Joe. https://spoletousa.org/events/wells-fargo-festival-finale-featuring-the-lone-bellow/

18 052018

When will Crystal Lagoons amenities come to Charleston?

It’s a (brutal) geographical fact: There’s only so much oceanfront real estate to go around. Lowcountry seaside homeowners rarely give up their properties, and lots for new construction on and around Charleston’s barrier islands are few and far between. So, the majority of us buy inland for weekday life, and haul our beach gear on

03 052018

Surrounded by water… see for yourself.

Daniel Island is embraced by water. On all sides. The DI Property Owners Association has kayaks and paddleboards available for super-easy (and very reasonable) renting by residents, just to prove this whole island thing. http://danielisland.com/community/places-spaces/waterways