25 022016

Why is Charleston the place to be?

Hmm. Well, that depends on what you mean by “be” (not to go all existential). Does it mean simply hunkered down somewhere? Is it a phrase cut short, where we are missing a verb? Or does it imply one’s very identity? Before we all get the urge to put on a tweed sportcoat and smoke

20 012016

Clements Ferry Road Widening – Coming in September

The upgrade fairy visits Clements Ferry  The widening of Clements Ferry Road. For years it has seemed as elusive as unicorns and eight hours of sleep. But with a cast of high-ranking officials – including new Charleston mayor John Tecklenburg - leading a public update session at Daniel Island School on Monday, January 18, the

29 122015

A New Charleston Home for 2016

A New Charleston Home for 2016? A leap of faith… with a heap of fact Major travel publications have had a big crush on Charleston for years. Makes sense. She is beautiful and fun and kind and witty. The popularity contest she’s been winning has certainly rewarded her with exceptionally robust tourism. But now another