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Welcome to our website! I am thrilled that you are here and hope you are enjoying it. I would welcome the opportunity to let my 26 years of experience of living in Charleston, help give you a better understanding of the real estate market in this great city.

As for me, I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina – not the mega metropolis that it is today, but the small southern city where neighbors spoke to each other daily, and where kids played in parks and rode their bikes to school. During these years I spent a lot of time on the coast of North Carolina and also on Lake Norman near Charlotte. It was in these places where I found my love for surfing, sailing, and fishing– really, anything to do with the water and a boat.

How I Ended Up In Charleston…

After high school, I spent my college years at the College of Charleston. Here I discovered that Charleston has all the elements that I enjoy – a city with a rich history and storied architecture, ocean waves, and one my passions– shallow-water fly-fishing– all in one extraordinary place. Now after meeting my wife and having two daughters I know that Charleston is also the perfect place to raise a family.


Professionally, Early on I was inspired by Charleston’s blossoming restaurant scene, and for over two decades, consulted with some of the best and burgeoning Holy City restaurants and hotels, helping them optimize the most critical aspects of their businesses. It was a rewarding career in an incredibly competitive industry that I was both well-suited for and grateful to be a part of. During this time I was able to witness Charleston achieve its status as one of the great culinary cities but there was always a desire to showcase my love for real estate. 

Growing up as a son and grandson of architects, I soaked up an understanding for design flow and smart design functionality, walking the numerous structures they designed. My father also educated me in aspects of renovation in his rental properties. Over the years, a further affinity for dwellings and real estate developed as my father taught me the unexpected reward of re-purposing special finishings. I found this to be especially useful a few years ago when our family built a home on Daniel Island and we were able to use some of these refurbished items from the home I grew up in. While building, I realized that my love for architecture and real estate was too strong and this was one of the roots of joining Casey to open Kellermann Smith Real Estate.

Please let me know if you’re looking for a home in the Charleston area; I would love to show you what this place, we call the Lowcountry, has to offer. I would love to show you the neighborhoods where kids can still walk to school, where neighbors still wave to each other, or even the places where you can live 10 minutes from both the beach and downtown Charleston. Let my 25 years of living in the Lowcountry help you find your perfect home, and while doing so, enjoy our Kellermann Smith Real Estate founding principles of Experience, Integrity, and Trust.

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